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The Law of Attraction is basic to our wishes. As children, when we wanted something, we thought of nothing else. We dreamed about it. We could see ourselves having it. We talked about it to whoever was near. We became inseparable from our wish. In a word, we obsessed. But as adults we temper our obsessions. We tend to lower our expectations. Our wishes remain wishes.

Do you have a wish? If you do…if you have a wish but feel that it will forever be just a wish...then Attracting the Universe is for you. Use the box above to begin to make your dreams a reality. Harness the immense power that all children understand, and now you have the additional support of adult wisdom and experience.

Just like a child, close your eyes and imagine that your wish has come true. See the results around you in your life. In the box above, describe to the Universe what it’s like to have your wish already fulfilled. With your wish already fulfilled, what is your life like? Where are you? What are you doing? Who is with you? What is around you? How do you feel? 

Now think of your reality. What parts of your real life are compatible with your wish? Maybe all of it. Maybe only some parts of it. What parts are not compatible? Try to do this exercise every day. Add more details as you think of them. The more you can experience your wish coming true, the closer you are to making it happen. Keep in mind that your wish must obey the laws of Nature. For instance, you cannot fly, no matter how hard you wish. And your lottery number has the same chance of winning as other numbers. But as long as your wish is humanly possible, the Law of Attraction can help.

On this page you are making a statement. You are not asking the Universe, you are telling the Universe. You are affirming what life is like with your wish already fulfilled! The Law of Attraction can work in every phase of your life and for all your wishes. Do you wish for love, wealth, career, health or weight loss? Then you tell the Universe that you attract loving relationships; that you attract wealth in every part of your life; that you attract advancement in your career; that you are healthy; that you lose unwanted weight every day. 

How do you do these things? You visualize. You believe. You shout. Take the first step to granting your own wish. Go to the box above and write it down. Do it every day and see the wishes begin to come true. Read more about the Law of Attraction here

Please Tell Us About Your Experience

Please take a moment to tell all of us about your experience with Attracting the Universe. You do not need to tell us the nature of your affirmations. We do not need your name. We are mostly interested in your general relationship with the Universe. What happened after you made your affirmations to the Universe? Have they helped you to make progress toward your goal? Have your wishes been realized? Can you feel new energy in your life?

Your experience will be posted in a new section that will be going online shortly. Your email information is completely confidential. It will not be posted and will not be shared with anyone ever. You could be a huge help to others who might be struggling in their lives.

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