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It is very simple. In the space above, you can write your request of the Universe. You can write whatever you want. It is YOUR Universe. This service is for your immediate personal use. It is for your convenience.

This could be the most important page you will ever visit. We do not claim that this page has special powers, however YOU have special powers. By using the box above to make your request you will put into motion a very powerful energy that will help you to realize your request. Keep in mind that you will ALWAYS receive a response from the Universe. The response might be immediate or it could take a while. Most responses occur within a day but it could take longer. Your first realization might be that you are asking the wrong question. If this is true, just change your request until it feels right.

The Universe can deliver its response in many ways. It might come as a thought, an idea or a memory that has been waiting just out of reach. Someone you encounter, a friend or a perfect stranger, could give you the answer in casual conversation. You might see a sign, a tree, a cloud or some random words on a web page. It might come as a feeling, a hunch or something indescribable. The point is, try to be aware of your environment, external and internal. The more open you are to all sources of input, the quicker you will receive a response.

A word about the response itself. You will clearly understand that you are receiving a response to your request. However, it might not be the response you expected...or wanted. In cases where the request or the response involves a significant issue, it is a good practice to ask your request again after you have had time to grasp its meaning and think through its implications.


Saying your written request silently to yourself or out loud as you click on the "Click here when ready" button will help you to visualize your request leaving the page and presenting itself to every part of your Universe. We added some text effects to the page to enhance your visualization, but the enormous power of this process is the simple interaction between you and the Universe.

You can make as many requests as you like. You can make the same request more than once. Writing it more than once reinforces your commitment to your request and can lead to better results. Also, writing it more than once can sometimes lead to more targeted requests.

As an affirmation...

Your request to the Universe can be in the form of an affirmation. The Law of Attraction says you are what you think. Think positive and ask the Universe to affirm your request. As an example, rather than "I ask the Universe to bring me wealth," you might phrase it "I attract wealth in every part of my life." You can use the box above to enter your affirmation or you can use the page we have made just for this approach. It's called Attract the Universe.

As a daily to-do list...

At first, when most people ask the Universe, it usually involves some weighty question. But the request box can be used as a to-do list. At the start of your day enter those things you need to accomplish during the day or in the near future. Let your Universe help you plan and fulfill those tasks. No request is too small.

 Please Tell Us About Your Experience

Please take a moment to tell us about your experience with Asking the Universe. You do not need to tell us the nature of your request. We do not need your name. We are interested in your general relationship with the Universe. What happened after you made your request of the Universe? Did you get the response you had hoped for, or was the response a surprise or possibly a letdown? How long did it take to receive a response? Include any other observations you wish.

Your experience will be posted in our section called Experience. Your email information is completely confidential, it will not be posted or shared with anyone ever. You could be a huge help to others who might be struggling in their lives.

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